1. Determine what facility is humming.
    • Transformer – this is the drum like facility on the pole
    • Wires
    • Metering Cabinet – this is the gray box where some meters are contained
  2. Observe facility for the following trouble signs
    • Oil spillage from the transformer
    • Sparking wires
  3. Take note if this has caused any power loss.
  4. Report this to the ZAMSURECO-I 1621 Hotline or to the designated Area offices, even if there is no loss of power. Aside from the noted details, the following will be asked:
    • Address – this is the location of the humming facility
    • Nearest Landmark
    • Your name and telephone number
  5. ZAMSURECO-I Operations crew will attend to the situation. Please give your full cooperation for speedy resolution of the trouble.

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