1.     Make sure the wire of concern is a ZAMSURECO-I facility.

   2.      Distinguish Service Drop from Primary or a Secondary line.    

  • A primary or secondary line extends from pole to pole.
  • A service drop, on the other hand, is a wire coming from a pole and leading into a house.

3.      Determine whether the affected facility is a primary or a secondary line.

  • The higher wires, usually in batches of three, are the primary wires.
  • The lower wire is the secondary wire. It is situated 22 feet above the ground.

4.      Find out if the line is already lying on the ground. DO NOT TOUCH, IT MAY BE A LIVE ZAMSURECO-I  WIRE.

5.      Determine if the wire’s condition has caused any loss of power. If so, find out the extent of the interruption. (About how many houses are affected?)

6.      Report the incident to the ZAMSURECO-I 1621 Hotline or your designated Area offices. Relay all the noted details. The following data will also be asked from you:

  • Address – this is the location of the sagging wire
  • Nearest Landmark 
  • Your name and telephone number

7.      ZAMSURECO-I Operations crew will attend to the situation. Please give your full cooperation for speedy resolution of the trouble.



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