1. Determine if the rotten or leaning pole is a private or a ZAMSURECO-I pole.


2. Take note of the pole’s following characteristics:


    • Pole type – is the pole made of wood, concrete or steel?
    • Pole attachments – what items are attached to the pole?

3. Determine if the pole’s condition has caused any power loss. If so, find out the extent of the interruption. (About how many houses are affected?)

4. Report this to the ZAMSURECO-I 1621 Hotline or to the designated Area offices. Relay all the noted details. The following data will also be asked from you:


    • Address – this is the location where the pole is situated
    • Nearest Landmark
    • Your name and telephone number

5. ZAMSURECO-I Operations Crew will be sent to respond to the situation.


    • The responding crew will resolve the ZAMSURECO-I pole trouble.



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