1. Determine what type of wire it is.
    • Service Drop – this is a wire coming from the pole leading to the house
    • Primary Wires – wire, usually in batches of three, attached from pole to pole in a very high position.
    • Secondary Wire – this is where the service drop is connected and tapped to the distribution transformer
  2. Check if there are tree branches, kite strings or other foreign objects entangled or in contact with the wire.
  3. Find out if this has caused lower failure. If so, determine the extent.
  4. Report this to the ZAMSURECO-I 1621 Hotline or the designated Area offices. Relay all the required details.
    • Address – this is the location of the sparking wire
    • Nearest Landmark
    • Your name and telephone number
  5. ZAMSURECO-I Operations Crew will be sent to respond to the situation.

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