1. Determine what facility exploded.
    • Transformer – this is the blue or gray, drum-like thing attached to the pole
    • Service Drop – this is the wire connected to the pole and leading to a house
    • Primary wire – the higher pole wires, usually placed in batches of three
    • Secondary wire – lower pole wires, about 22 feet above the ground and usually connected to a distribution transformer
  2. Find out the extent of power loss, if any.
  3. Report the incident immediately to the ZAMSURECO-I 1621 Hotline or the designated Area offices. Give all the information you know about the situation. Other details required are:
    • Address – this is the location where the explosion occurred
    • Nearest Landmark
    • Your name and telephone number
  4. ZAMSURECO-I Operations crew will attend to the situation as soon as possible. Please give your full cooperation for speedy resolution of the trouble.

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