The refrigerator - it's more than just a box which keeps your food cold and fresh.

·      It is composed of 3 basic parts.

o        The compressor...

o        Heat exchanging pipes that can be found at the back part of the body...

o        And heat-exchanging pipes inside the insulated box.


The Expansion Valve.


·   Just how do they work together?

o  First, the Compressor pressurizes the
Refrigerant gas and raises pressure and consequently its temperature.

o  Then, the compressed and hot Refrigerant
flows through the back pipe, releasing heat. This is the reason why the back part of your refrigerator is warm.

o  The gas continues to flow through the Expansion Valve. When it flows through the expansion valve, the liquid refrigerant is moved from a high-pressure zone to a low-pressure zone, so it expands and evaporates.

The refrigerant then becomes cold.

The coils inside the refrigerator allow the refrigerant to absorb heat, making the inside
of the refrigerator cold, keeping your food fresher for longer time.

The cycle repeats itself to maintain the cool temperature inside the box.

            Pretty amazing technology for such a common appliance, right?  


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