Fluorescent lamps can be found everywhere.

Let's find out how it works.


·    The fluorescent lamp is basically a Sealed Glass Tube, which contains some mercury and an
inert gas (like argon or neon).


·    The tube is also coated from the inside by phosphor powder.


·    On both ends of the tube are two electrodes, which are connected to an electrical circuit,
which is connected to an AC power supply.


·    When you turn the switch on, electricity from the two opposing electrodes changes some of the mercury from liquid to gas. As this is happening, the excited mercury atoms bump into each other, releasing energy and light.


·    This Ultra Violet light released from the excited mercury atoms can not be seen by the naked eye, so you need the phosphors to convert them to visible light.


·    This process takes less energy, and so makes the fluorescent lamp more efficient, up to six
times more than your regular light bulb.


·    There many new forms of fluorescent lamps and one of the more popular ones is called the
Compact Fluorescent Lamp or CFL's. It comes in many shapes sometimes they even look like regular light bulbs.

  •  All that science inside a plain white tube. A pretty amazing Filipino invention. 

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