The air conditioner is one appliance which we rely on during hot summer months.

Think of it as a refrigerating system for your room.

·         It uses the evaporation cycle process to lower temperatures.


·         A pipe located at the back of the aircon contains a gas called refrigerant.


·         The compressor compresses the refrigerant and turns it into a warmer liquid. This liquid passes thru an expansion valve.


·         As the liquid refrigerant passes thru the expansion valve, the liquid evaporates, changing its state back to gas, lowering the temperature.


·         This cold refrigerant, runs through a set of coils on the inner part of the aircon.


·         With the help of a blower fan, warm air from inside your room is sucked in, and cooled by the coils. The cooled air is then blown out into your room.

 ·         Now here's an interesting fact. There are actually 2 motors running your aircon. The compressor which consumes a lot of electricity and the blower. The compressor is running 80% of the time, while the blower runs 100% of the time. 

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