Considered as one of the “leading” electric cooperatives in Mindanao and in the Philippines, ZAMSURECO-I has never ceased in introducing programs and initiatives that will enhance delivery of services for the welfare and best interest of its valued member-consumers. And on its quest to sustain efficiency gains, ZAMSURECO-I is delighted to launch the first release of its newsletter dubbed as “BUGHAW NG ZAMSURECO-I”

“Bughaw” is the Filipino term for the color Blue. Based on various research literatures, blue is the most commonly used shade in corporate identity. Accordingly, blue is the color that represents:

1. Trust and Responsibility – the responsibility that ZAMSURECO-I is all the time accountable to its member-consumers and endeavors to continuously earn the trust and confidence of its member-consumers through efficient and sound operations.

2. Sincerity – the Cooperative’s genuineness in rendering services to the people and the communities the Cooperative serves within its franchise coverage, as their partner in economic growth and development.

3. Reliability – from a psychological perspective, the color blue represents reliability. ZAMSURECO-I endeavors to provide reliable and efficient services to its member-consumers.

4. Generous – this is evident in the various community involvements of the Cooperative through its various CSR programs/activities.

5. Persistency – the Cooperative is steadfast in its commitment of satisfying its member-consumers through quality and prompt services

6. Inspiration – the Cooperative breeds motivation to make its member-consumers happy rooted on the belief that our member-consumers is the primary reason that “keeps us going, growing, and glowing.”

7. Integrity – it resonates the Cooperative’s credibility in realizing its core purpose and delivering its services to its stakeholders in alignment of its mission, vision and core values.

The term “Bughaw ng ZAMSURECO-I” is also conceptualized through the ideals and principles of GM/CEO Jose Raul Saniel.

As ZAMSURECO-I gives birth to its Official Newsletter, we would like to share with you our feelings of joy and pride as we step up to another milestone. We will altogether keep track of the comings and goings of ZAMSURECO-I as we go through the next pages.

View here, 1st Release (July-december 2016)



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