The establishment of Zamboanga del Sur I Electric Cooperative, Inc.(ZAMSURECO-I) on August 25, 1972, marked the beginning of the historical upgrading of its member’s life-style on standard of living by utilizing the usefulness of electricity.

There upon, the ZAMSURECO-I, in its heartfelt desire to improve the socio-economic ways of its members adopted and underwent various technical improvements and institutional processes basically for the purpose of effectively serving well the consumer.



RGM Bonifacio B. Lagura originally managed such historic creation of ZAMSURECO-I . The latter’s’ effort and achievements contributed to the strengthening and stabilization of the cooperative. This made him great and popular to be known as “FATHER OF ZAMSURECO-I”.

The wonder and blessings of ZAMSURECO-I there from began to flow. It is now shared among its employees and members despite terrible crisis and challenges encountered.




The significant management of RGM Bonifacio B. Lagura ended in the year 1994. The chain of command and responsibility of managing the cooperative was formally turned-over to DECCA O. JUDILLA, the coop Assistant Manager.

GM DECCA OTARRA JUDILLA in leading ZAMSURECO-I successfully formulated the VISION, MISSION and GOAL of the coop. GM Judilla always emphasizes and hopes that the same be soon realized to provide quality service to compete with the other electric cooperatives nationwide. It is alongside with the desire of making ZAMSURECO-I globally competitive in delivering its quality service for the true and genuine satisfaction of its member-consumers.



On April 16, 1994; the ANNUAL GENERAL MEMBERSHIP ASSEMBLE (AGMA) of the ZAMSURECO-I was transformed into ANNUAL REGULAR REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY (ARRA) where only elected representatives from different municipalities will attend the assembly meeting. This critical change was purposely made to experience the atmosphere of an effective meeting. By this manner the assembly meeting is practical, realistic, willfully participated and represented, manageable and truly productive.



The ZAMSURECO-I has reached and proven its excellence in leading the countryside development in the outside the province of ZAMBOANGA del Sur when it became recipient of several national awards, putting the coop on top since the year 1981 and to 2002. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned achievements were received or garnered due to the improved quality of services rendered to the member-consumers. Further, the coop has been using highly technological communication facilities and equipments to facilitate immediate information dissemination coop wide from the national police. Likewise, it introduced automation through computerization of member-consumer masterlist, electrical power lines, meter reading, billing and collection for accessibility, and for quick and immediate response to complaints.



ZAMSURECO-I continuously develops and educates its personnel by conducting in-house trainings and seminars. The managements has improved its community relations themselves in activities with different sectors of society and with the barangay officials in creating Barangay ordinances prohibiting planting of trees under power lines. Similar other community involvements keep ZAMSURECO-I always in touch with the lives of its member-consumers and employees.


ZAMSURECO-I is also involved in pro-poor programs by providing livestock dispersals, additional capital to sari-sari store, piggery, poultry and even housing projects to member-consumers and employees. These are basically done to assist and help alleviate the socio-economic plight of its coop members.

Aside from the numerous remarkable achievements, barangay energizations one after another addressed the echoing cry of the masses longing to experience the blessings of electricity. CONGRATULATIONS at long last!


To cushion the impact of RA 9136, otherwise known as the EPIRA LAW that threatens the electric cooperative industry, the coop established and EPIRA Academy. This is an education program introduced to provide incentive for both personal and professional growth of the employees towards its ultimate goal “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. EPIRA Academy is mobile covering the field offices designed to improve awareness of both top management and down the line employees on corporate values, ethics, policies and the MANTRA of NEA Administrator Fr. Francisco “PARKING” G. Silva Absolute Honesty, maximum Efficiency and Total Solidarity” among employees and its members.



Now, the ZAMSURECO-I is on its 3rd decade of existence experiencing and surmounting several ups and downs in implementing its goal. However, despite hardships and trials encountered its member-consumers increases considerably. Its area coverage is likewise expanded from 6 towns to 24 towns plus Pagadian City.

In meeting the EPIRA requirements, ZAMSURECO-I is working hard to pass the Performance Improvement Plan parameters of E.O 119 towards the nature of its existence. The management is encouraging each member-consumers through service excellence; and in order to continue its leadership in the country’s electric power industry.


To Obtain the laurel of success, every member of ZAMSURECO-I family must be productive. Everybody must face all the trials in concerted and well- coordinated effort to meet the increasing demand of global competitiveness of management and industry. There is no turning back. The Electric Cooperative our ZAMSURECO-I is worth dying for. To our Beloved ZAMSURECO-I , we pledge to protect and promote the paramount interest of your member-consumers with our whole heart and soul, in absolute honesty, maximum efficiency and total solidarity as inspired by our most unique NEA Administrator, Fr. Francisco “FIREFOX” graces Silva – the TERRORIST of corrupt, dishonest and inefficient EC officers and employees, to quote President GMA her address to EC workers last September 6’2002 at Malacañang.

Accordingly, with the sterling example of a most enduring, wholesomely workaholic dedicated lady pillar of the NEA whose inspiration has galvanized lady GMs to forge ahead and be counted, ZAMSURECO-I continues to fly high the standard of NEA strengthened by the support and encouragement COO Edith Selva Bueno a living paragon of beauty and integrity – an institution in the field of Phil. Rural Electrification.


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