ZAMSURECO-I on its 21st Annual Regular Representative Assembly

This year’s Annual Regular Representative Assembly (ARRA) was conducted last August 16, 2014 with the theme, “ZAMSURECO-I @42: Coping up with Power Industry Dynamic Changes and Challenges through Business Process Innovations and Enhancing Organizational Competencies”. 


The Keynote speaker for this year’s ARRA is one of the most known authorities in the county’s power industry and is a nationally recognized expert in power economics and power industry analyst. This year’s is the President of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges and is a researcher, an economist, and a leader, in the person of Dr. Ricardo E. Rotoras, PhD. 

At the start of the program proper, Board President Allan M. Cabatingan gave the welcome speech and set the direction of the event.In addition, the outgoing and the newly elected district directors were introduced and the presence of all members of the management team were acknowledged as well. After the welcome address of President Cabatingan, the Oath-taking of the newly elected members of the Board of Districts 7 and 8, Directors Rabon and Garban immediately followed as well as the mass oath-taking of the MSEAC district officers, with Dr. Rotoras as the inducting officer. Representing Pagadian City Mayor Pulmones, City Administrator Mr. Lauro Mendoza was also present on the said event.

With the presence of the 280 MSEAC members and 161 accredited delegates coming from 24 Municipalities, GM Saniel extended his gratitude and appreciation for their active and never-ending involvement and participation in this year’s ARRA.

In his keynote address, Dr. Rotoras emphasized that this year’s theme is very timely and fitted to the situation of the power ndustry in the country today. The challenges besetting the country’s power industry are tremendous and that the newly elected President of PHILRECA, GM Saniel will be in the thick of all these challenges. Dr. Rotoras also made mention about the journey of transforming power industry especially the electric cooperatives in the country. He presented the disparity between the power industry in the country today and of the past, which was owned, operated, regulated, and subsidized by the national government, except for the distribution utility. Dr. Rotoras reiterated in his speech that the situation of the power industry in Mindanao is far more complex as compared in Luzon and Visayas primarily because of the power crisis being experienced by Mindanao even years ago. He also made mention that these challenges are really enormous to the extent that the power industry practitioners have not seen a clear growth mark and a clear direction on the things that are still to be done with regard to power generation and transmission in the country. As for the present, the government has given up control and management of the transmission sector by transferring it to the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGC), a privately-owned corporation.

The speaker stressed that the challenges are not just experienced by ZAMSURECO-1 but by other electric cooperatives as well. For him, ZAMSURECO-1 is a dynamic electric cooperative and he emphasized that the ZAMSURECO-1 could play a key role in pushing for various initiatives and strongly collaborate with the other electric cooperatives in Mindanao to gain better position in various matters like power supply negotiations, among others.

Dr. Rotoras further cited recent gains of Mindanao electric cooperatives bonding and/or aggregating together their power requirements that resulted in gaining leverage and creating synergies thus, are able to attract corporations that are willing to deal with them. That in many areas, with the kind of structure that the power industry is having now in the country, working together is truly the key so that common voice can be heard by whomever it is directed to. Being the President of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, he vowed that the academe will help and assist the electric cooperatives especially in Mindanao in organizing training, seminars, and workshops and other capacity-building activities to contribute to the empowerment of electric cooperatives in the country. And as he ended his speech, Dr. Rotoras confidently delivered the words “With the help of everybody, and I’m sure, no amounts of challenge cannot be surmounted. We’re on the right directions, we got grace above all, and we will be succeeding in all these undertakings.”

The giving of Plaques of Appreciation to the media partners and to the outgoing district directors Ocapan and Dalid, for their unwavering commitment in promoting the welfare and interests of the member-consumers in their respective districts immediately followed.Municipalities with the highest number and most improved attendance to MAGMA were recognized as well for demonstrating their strong support to the attainment of the goals of the cooperative under the leadership of their respective MSEAC Chairs and representatives. Plaques of Commendation were also distributed to certain municipalities for their active involvement in the sustainable environmental and social aspects of development.

On the afternoon of the same day, the Business meeting followed after the first part of the Annual Regular Representative Assembly. The Board President's Report, General Manager's Report, and the Board Treasurer's report were also presented and discussed on the business meeting. Power supply and regulatory updates were also tackled on this part of the program.The raffle draw for the MSEACs and Accredited Delegates also took place on the same afternoon which eventually ended the successful 21stAnnual Regular Representative Assembly.




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