ZAMSURECO-I Launches Customer Care Call Center (Z-4Cs) on October 7, 2013

“A problem with a counter solution is never a problem at all.”

It is given that customers will always make a call or send messages anytime of the day to satisfy their service requirements like filing complaints, report incidences, information requests, among others. 
Customers have become more demanding, expecting that their issues and concerns will be solved instantly, which requires electric cooperatives like ZAMSURECO-I to immediately respond to customers’ demand.  
Being customer-centric, it is therefore imperative for the ZAMSURECO-I to pursue an ICT-based initiative that will enable the Cooperative to effectively and efficiently meet the satisfaction of the customers’ requirements. 


One of the major ICT-based innovations that the ZAMSURECO-I has pursued is the establishment of the ZAMSURECO-I Customer Care Call Center (Z-4Cs).  The Z-4Cs is  an ICT-based 24/7 customer service program, which serves as first point of contact for customers who  will lodge complaints, report incidences, request services, and queries. 

For the ZAMSURECO-I, the Z-4Cs is the customers’ link to our business—for questions,  suggestions,  request for services, or complaints. It is where the Cooperative’s customers get essential  pieces of information  about the Cooperative’s services —application requirements, reading/billing  inquiries, brownouts and  maintenance schedule, fees, rates, etc. It is also where customers seek  technical or customer support. Further,  the Z-4Cs is where customers are able to voice out their  feedback  on the quality of services delivered  by the ZAMSURECO-I. Thus, the Z-4Cs is a potent tool  and  avenue to know from the public on what they have  to say about the Cooperative’s products and  services.



The Z-4Cs is manned by trained and professional Customer Relations Officer (CRO), who will serve as the “bridge,” connecting customers with the ZAMSURECO-I.  The CRO receives customer inquiries, type reports through CIMS, and handle phone calls from irate or dissatisfied customers and respond courteously and promptly with customers’ who need specific information and services, and coordinates with concerned personnel/units of the ZAMSURECO-I for immediate action. 

The Z-4Cs maximizes the use existing ZAMSURECO-I communications network (i.e., Cellular network, Telephone network, Wireless Communications System including towers, PBX, and Trunk Radio System) and IT-network infrastructure (i.e., IBM/Alcatel servers, Wide Area Network, Magic V.9 platform, website, web mail, computer hardware, etc.) as well as its existing Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) facility to suit to the requirements of the Z-4Cs. 

The primary framework therefore of the Z-C4s is the utilization of all ICT-related infrastructure assets as well  as the enhancement of some IP-network hardware (through the procurement of IP phones, digital phones, and other accessories) into a single interconnected and/or integrated network, which now becomes the Z-4Cs.

Also, the Z-4Cs is linked with the Cooperative’s Consumer Information Management System (CIMS), which features an extensive complaints tracking and other customer service-related programs for fast action, enabling the ZAMSURECO-I to capture all complaints, requests, and other transactions in the Z-4Cs and be stored and retrieved in the Cooperative’s database.  Actions made on all complaints/requests and other service requirements of customers upon entry in the CIMS database are monitored. Any time of the day, a report can be generated by management on all transactions of the Z-4Cs as well as the actions made on concerns of customers. 



One of the significant value added features of the Z-4Cs is that the interconnected and/or integrated ICT-infrastructure enables all ZAMSURECO-I Area Offices (Area 1 & 3) as well as On-line Bayad Centers to be effectively and efficiently linked with the ZAMSURECO-I Central Office, utilizing the existing VOIP network facility. The linking of all ZAMSURECO-I Area Offices with the Central Office allows real-time communications between and among offices. This means that Area Offices could already receive up-to-date information, and enables faster communication dissemination on matters pertaining to Coop operations, NEA/DOE policy updates, among others thus, resulting in enhanced operational productivity/efficiency. 

The use of VOIP technology allows transmitting voice telephony conversations over data networks (Internet) rather than the traditional telephony networks between and among ZAMSURECO-I Area Offices and Bayad Centers. The use of VOIP technology is highly cost-efficient considering that inter-office calls are all “local” calls, which is toll free.


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